Microchipping is an invaluable service that we recommend for all pets, even if they are "indoor only". Despite our best efforts, pets do get out. It only takes one visitor leaving the window open or forgetting to latch the gate. With AVID microchips, you will have peace of mind knowing that if your lost pet ends up with Animal Control or in a shelter, your information will be available and your pet quickly returned. Most shelters are sadly overcrowded and unable to accomodate the huge volume of homeless animals brought in. Microchipping your pet will ensure that, if lost, they will not be euthanized by a shelter before you can find them again.

Microchipping is quick and easy. The chip is injected under the skin through a needle, similar to giving a vaccination. It will remain there, and functional, for the rest of your pet's life—unlike collars and tags, which can fall off or be removed. If your pet ever ends up in a shelter, it will be scanned for a chip. The chip number is then checked against the PETtrac database to find your contact information so you and your pet can be reunited.

AVID Microchip Identification

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