About Us

At CPCA we do our best to make you and your pet comfortable during your visit. Our reception area provides informational videos and coloring books for the kids. The Reception area is also where we display many of our pet care products for sale, including Hill’s Prescription and Science diets, DVM grooming aids, and the anti-marking sprays Feliway and DAP.


  • To exceed the expectations of our clients while providing competitively priced, quality veterinary services.
  • To maintain a knowledgeable, well-rewarded staff.
  • To treat all patients as if they were our own.

For your convenience, CPCA offers walk-in visits all day long – no appointment needed!  We recommend allowing at least an hour for your visit as there may be a short wait if the clinic is busy.  If you prefer to schedule an appointment, we also offer that option so you can avoid a potential wait during busy hours.  Feel free to call ahead with any questions or concerns and we will be happy to discuss them with you!  (However, for your pet’s safety, we must perform an in-clinic exam before diagnosing your pet, administering vaccines or prescribing medication.)

Companion Pet Clinic of Aloha